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Messages of General Interest

May 12: The new season has started! The STC family has nine teams playing in T45. For the first time, we have at least one team in each section. There's room for all players on our teams!

Good luck, and good chess to all our players.

April 15: Both of our playoff teams, STC2000 and STC1400, were eliminated in the section semi-finals after a successful regular season.

New teams are forming for the next tournament. If you are interested in playing for an STC team in T45, get in contact with one of the team captains through an ICC message.

March 31: Both of our playoff teams, STC2000 and STC1400, have advanced to the semi-finals for their sections. Good luck.

March 26: Going into the first round of T44 playoffs, here are the final standings for our STC teams for the regular season. Two teams are continuing into the playoffs. Congratulations to STC2000 and STC1400.

Good luck to our players on the playoff teams; may you have interesting games and exciting competition. And thanks to all the players who participated with the STC in T4545 for making this another successful tournament. Good chess to all.

March 7: The Games of the Week for T43 have been posted. Click on the Game of the Week link to check out these outstanding games from the last tournament.

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General Information

Our group brings together two of the best sources for interactive slow time control chess on the ICC, the STC Bunch and T4545.  See the quotes below from thier websites:

For more than a decade, the Slow Time Control (STC) Bunch has existed to bring players who prefer these slower time controls together, alert them to slow tournaments they may be interested in, and run tournaments of its own. There is no membership charge. You can find us in channel 90 on ICC, FICS and WCL.
Team 45 45 League provides internet chess players who like slow time controls with team competition, on the premier place to play chess on the net, the Internet Chess Club.

The STC has had teams in the Team 4545 League tournaments since T33. In that time, we have had some success; we have sent teams into the playoffs in most of seasons so far! And the STC teams are always looking for more players.

In order to play on one of our teams, you must:

If you are interested in joining one of our teams, contact (via ICC message) one of our captains - See links below for additional information.

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